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Top Tip

Top Tip

Smile at the locals: Cubans are friendly and happy people. Everything is possible here when you have a wonderful smile. Tipping in local cash is the best way to get a better service wherever you go. The average salary is just $20 a month, so people really appreciate the extra help.

Fav Destination

Favourite Destination

Cuba’s number one must-visit destination is Varadero beach resort. It’s just two-hours away from Havana and boasts 25 kilometres of white sandy beach. The nearby city of Mantanzas is also amazing. It’s built around a stunning bay and boasts an amazing cave system, colonial buildings, a castle and more.

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Best Experience

Best Experience

Snorkelling in Cueva de Saturno. There’s a 22-metre deep lake inside a cave, just 15 minutes’ drive from Varadero. The water is crystal-clear and easily one of the most amazing spots to visit on the island. It’s suitable for both diving and snorkelling.

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