‘A-Traccion’ - a fun new way to go off the beaten path in Viñales

Posted by Jeremy John on 09-03-2020 13:27:45

Visitors to Viñales now have a new way to enjoy the stunning scenery of the Viñales Valley. Known as ‘A-Traccion’, you can buy a ticket to board an all-terrain 4x4 Jeep that is able to go to some of the lesser-known places of the region. Driven by expert local guides, this new fleet of vehicles promises to be both an enlightening and enchanting way to experience Viñales, a part of Cuba that tends to leave a lasting impression on all who go there, from the beauty of the nature to the friendliness of the locals. 

The big advantage of doing these tours with A-Traccion as opposed to cycling, hiking, or horse-riding, is that the vehicles can cover a lot more ground, and are therefore able to take you to places with far fewer tourists, giving a very unique experience. They are also recommended for visitors that may have mobility issues but still want to experience the sights and sounds of Viñales, such as the freshwater lagoons, tobacco plantations, biodiverse flora and fauna and the photogenic landscapes that incorporate the region’s special mogote hills. 

A-Traccion are currently offering two tours of the area, one that lasts three hours and another that lasts five hours. As both these tours involve a different route, you have the option of off-roading twice on two different days. 

Tour 1: this three hour tour leaves from the town of Viñales and includes the Dos Hermanas Valley. The ‘Dos Hermanas’ means the ‘Two Sisters’, and refers to the two large mogote rock formations that stand proud, having survived millions of years of weathering. In this valley you can also see the Mural of Prehistory. This gigantic work of art was painted on the side of one of the rocks in the 1960s and took eighteen people a total of four years to complete. It depicts prehistory up to the ascent of humanity. Various animals are represented in the story, including dinosaurs and a huge snail. The Jeeps also take you on a tour of tobacco plantations and natural lagoons, as well as into parts of the countryside that have typical local cottages. 

Tour 2: this five hour tour also starts in the centre of Viñales, but takes a completely different route. It includes ‘Mirador Los Jasmines’, arguably the best viewing platform of the region. With a longer length, this tour goes the largest distance off the beaten path, focusing on the lesser explored area to the south of Viñales. You can expect to see imposing slate elevations, more mogote hills, rivers, dams, crop fields, and will even be given the chance to hang out with some local farmers. 

If you’re still not convinced, the company has an active social media presence, and you may find the photos and videos on their Instagram and Facebook to be enticing. 

Viñales is also a great destination for foodies - more about that here.



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